Maple Syrup With Hot Pepper & Oregano

Maple Syrup with Hot Pepper and Oregano; 100% pure, all natural maple syrup with a unique blend of hot pepper and oregano creating a bold, aromatic syrup that smells amazing and tastes even better. Use it poultry, fish, pork, beef or on your deserts to add flavor that people will be asking for more of.



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WHY Maple Syrup With Hot Pepper & Oregano?

Ironberry maple syrups are one of the few syrups in the world with several flavors, and are thus useful for preparing many culinary delicacies.
Maple syrup has been made by Indiginous tribes for thousands of years. Small holes are drilled into the maple tree, from where the sap flows. These holes do not harm the tree, as they heal quickly. The sap is then collected in birch wood containers, then slowly and carefully heated. When most of the water has evaporated away, only our 100% pure maple syrup remains.
With its numerous vitamins and antioxidants, maple syrup is considered a superfood! It contains substances that are usually found in berries, tea, red wine, tomatoes, whole-meal flour, and flaxseed.
Indigenous North Americans valued maple syrup so much that they celebrated the “sweet moon,” which was the first full moon in the Spring. Their celebration included a maple dance.
On average, it takes about 40 liters of sap to produce one liter of maple syrup! This can vary depending on the sap’s sugar content.

The Magic of Maple Syrup

At the beginning of spring, maple trees begin to wake up. Roots carry water and minerals which is referred to as sap. During the old days, the people used this sap to drink, cook and to make maple syrup. Sap is very high in nutrients, minerals and vitamins. When tapping the trees to retrieve the sap it does not hurt the tree in any way. The sap is high in sugar and when you boil the sap it turns it into maple syrup. Approximately seventy liters of sap gives us one liter of maple syrup.

We cook our maple syrup the traditional way using maple wood. The smoke from the burning wood is absorbed into the sap giving us a different taste and scent. Our secret recipe boils the sap with chamomile, ginger, hot pepper gives us a unique taste and scent which we want to share with our customers. Our syrup is cooked for a longer period compared too our competitors giving us a thicker syrup. It is best used for barbecues, fish, pancakes, flavoring meats and teas. (Using maple syrup, water should be at 50 degree Celsius otherwise the syrup looses its value).

Using our syrup with different flavors you are guaranteed to find a flavor that you like best.

10,000+ Happy Customers

Since our start in 2018, our loyal community has blessed us with 19K+ reviews with an average score of 4.5 out of 5. Which is really high, especially when you consider that those missing 0.5 stars are just the work of our begrudging exes.

Real Reviews From Real Customers

Cranberry powder is my favourite taste in the morning after I do my yoga routine.

Dana L.

Name better maple syrup I’ll wait.

Mike W.

Ultimate bites are my everyday snack when I’m busy. Really healthy snack alternative!

Daniel K.

Frequently asked questions

Are Your Products Gluten Free?

Yes, all our products are gluten-free.

What makes this product different?

Newfoundland low bush wild blueberries are smaller in size then other wild blueberries , their skin is much thicker. It is proven Newfoundland wild blueberries have10 times more antioxidants from all wild blueberries . Our blueberries don't have maggots and this is why we are not using chemials and pesticides. Our custom-made refractor window dryer preserves 96% of the nutritional content using a slow dry technique. Our Powder’s use the whole entire berry, not just the juice, which gives our powders that nutritional kick. Our products are non-gmo, gluten-free, vegan, kosher, and paleo-friendly. There are no added sugars, artificial flavourings, chemicals or preservatives.

How do I use this products?

FINE-GROUND POWDER DOES NOT DISSOLVE: Because it’s made from whole organic wild blueberries and nothing else, our blueberries powder does not dissolve in water — much like fresh blueberries, and unlike blueberry juice powder. Our wild blueberry powder mixes easily with smoothies, yogurt, porridge, muesli, granola, protein shakes, baking, muffins, birthday cakes, tea or used your fantasy and enjoy!

How much powder equals 1 cup of fresh berries?

2 teaspoons is equivalent to 1 cup of whole fresh berries.

How are the blueberries harvested?

All our wild blueberries are handpicked in the pristine Newfoundland forests. Grown wild in a region that has some of the cleanest air, purest water, and the least amount of pollution in the world.

Do You Use Chemicals or Pesticides?

Newfoundland blueberries are only wild blueberries with no maggot’s, so we don’t have to used any chemicals or harmful pesticides on any of our products.

How Do I Store the Products?

The products can be stored in a cool dark place using our zip-lock bag or kept in a air tight glass jar to prevent clumping.

Is your product Vegan?

Yes all our products are vegan friendly

Is your product Non GMO?

Yes all our products are Non GMO

Why are your Maple syrup different?

Our maple sap is harvested from wild and unspoiled Canadian forests and very gently boiled down into syrup, filtered, and then bottled. There are no artificial flavours added. Iron Berry Maple Syrup is extra thick and super delicious. Taste the difference!

How do I use maple syrup

You can use in smoothies, yogurt, porridge, granola, protein shakes, teas, on ice cream, baking, cooking, BBQ. Use your imagination and pair it with any dish you would like.

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