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Chia/Berry Mix

The natural way to boost your nutrition and improve your health using chia seeds. Chia is a plant native to Central America, high in omega fatty acids, a good source of protein, calcium, dietary fibre, and such minerals and nutrients. The Aztecs used chia to fuel their march across Central America conquering everything in their path. Similar to reports from WWII that Japanese soldiers would subsist on a handful of rice per day, Aztec Eagle and Jaguar warriors are said to have marched on a handful of chia a day. Here at Iron Berry we take chia, grind it into a powder and blend it with blueberry powder, a nutritional double whammy, you get the health benefits of chia along with the super food blueberry. It's great for making smoothies, over yogurt, ice cream, breakfast cereal. We have even made blueberry chia cake here from the powder.