Maple Syrup

At the beginning of spring, maple trees begin to wake up. Roots carry water and minerals which is referred to as sap. During the old days, the people used this sap to drink, cook and to make maple syrup. Sap is very high in nutrients, minerals and vitamins. When tapping the trees to retrieve the sap it does not hurt the tree in any way. The sap is high in sugar and when you boil the sap it turns it into maple syrup. Approximately seventy liters of sap gives us one liter of maple syrup.

We cook our maple syrup the traditional way using maple wood. The smoke from the burning wood is absorbed into the sap giving us a different taste and scent. Our secret recipe boils the sap with chamomile, ginger, hot pepper gives us a unique taste and scent which we want to share with our customers. Our syrup is cooked for a longer period compared too our competitors giving us a thicker syrup. It is best used for barbecues, fish, pancakes, flavoring meats and teas. (Using maple syrup, water should be at 50 degree Celsius otherwise the syrup looses its value).

Using our syrup with different flavors you are guaranteed to find a flavor that you like best.