Facility and Production process of Iron Berry Supplements.

Iron Berry strives only to use locally produced berries. Blueberries, Cranberries and Sea Buckthorn. The powders and capsules are made here in Markland, near the former hub of the Avalon Peninsula, Whitbourne.

Iron Berry products themselves are manufactured and packaged under a site license granted by Health Canada under the Natural Health Products Regulations which require any Canadian site where natural health products are manufactured, imported, labelled, packaged, distributed, and/or stored to have a site licence. Businesses can choose to have a single site licence for all their operations (i.e. multiple sites) or an individual licence for each site.

Site licences are obtained by demonstrating that the above mentioned activities are conducted in a manner that is congruent with the requirements of the Canadian Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) for Natural Health Products.


Iron Berry Products Are Manufactured Under Such a Site License.

“…All Manufacturers, Packagers, Labellers and Importers of Natural Health Products are responsible for ensuring that their Quality Assurance Persons and Third Party Auditors are qualified under Sections 47 and 51 of the Natural Health Products Regulations.

Section 47 states

“Every natural health product shall be manufactured, packaged, labelled and stored by personnel who are qualified by education, training or experience to perform their respective tasks.”

Section 51(1) states

“Every manufacturer, packager, labelled, importer and distributor shall​​

have a quality assurance person who:

  • is responsible for assuring the quality of the natural health product before it is made available for sale, and

  • has the training, experience and technical knowledge relating to the activity conducted and the requirements of this Part;

investigate and record every complaint received in respect of the quality of the natural health  product and, if necessary, take corrective action”. 

Iron Berry products such as powder and capsules are also certified Kosher as well and are made in a certified Kosher facility. 

We use only the best quality berries, many of them growing wild, pesticide and chemical-free in our beautiful island. The water used in our berry supplements process is drawn from our own artesian well and has been tested for purity. It’s quality is second to none.


Our Production Process

We have developed our berry powder process over the years with attention to quality, added value and innovation.  We incorporate a few extra steps in our process that we feel are worth the extra time and effort to honor the berry and allow their true flavors to shine. 

We use only the best quality berries, many of them growing wild, pesticide and chemical-free in our beautiful province.  The water used in our berry powder production is drawn from our own artisan well and has been tested for purity.  Its quality is second to none.

Reflecting our commitment to quality and added value, we felt it was important to pursue kosher certification.  In addition to those who purchase kosher products for religious reasons, the majority of consumers are doing so because they are health conscious. 

Kosher certification carries the perception of a “Good Housekeeping seal of approval” because of the strict laws governing production facilities and the stringent requirements attached to all components used in the processing of a consumable product.

Following GMP guidelines allow us to enter our products into international markets due to our high degree of attention to quality and food safety.

Iron Berry makes no health claims in regards to any ailment, condition or disease.

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