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Marek Krol

President & Owner, Iron Berry Inc., Frozen in Time Ltd.Frozen in Time Vodka, Markland Cottage Winery, Living Wild TV, Cooking for a Cause TV.

Marek graduated from Agricultural School in Poland with a specialization in landscaping, wild herbs, natural and organic foods. His formed strategic partnerships with Food industry leaders .

In 2009, he began investing in Newfoundland and Labrador, purchasing properties, land to develop agriculture and organic products. In 2012, Marek created a television show called Living Wild TV, which is aired on Cottage Life, Travel & Escape, and the Outdoor Lifestyle Network. The show is about how to live off the land using natural food for an easy & healthy lifestyle. In the same year he also started another show called “Cooking for a Cause”, in which various celebrities cook natural food for different health and wellness disorders.
Marek is working on a new show to be called “My natural Tincture & Wine World” where Marek will convey his passion to prepare various tinctures and wines from natural wheat, berries and herbs growing in North America.

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Marek Krol