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Anetta Krol


President & Owner, Iron Berry Inc, Frozen in Time Ltd. Frozen in Time Vodka, Markland Cottage Winery, Living Wild TV, Cooking for a Cause TV. 

Anetta graduated from Agricultural School in Poland with a specialization in landscaping, wild herbs, natural and organic foods. She formed strategic partnerships with Food industry leaders.

In 2009, she began investing in Newfoundland and Labrador, purchasing properties, land to develop agriculture and organic products. In 2012, Anetta and Marek created a television show called Living Wild TV, which is aired on Cottage Life, Travel & Escape, and the Outdoor Lifestyle Network. The show is about how to live off the land using natural food for an easy & healthy lifestyle. In the same year, he also started another show called “Cooking for a Cause”, in which various celebrities cook natural food for different health and wellness disorders.
Anetta and Marek working on a new show to be called “My natural Tincture & Wine World”.


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Anetta Krol